About Us

Cornhole Canada was founded by Ted & Alanda Fuller. Ted & Alanda and their 3 boys live and work out in the country in an old amish style homestead and former cattle ranch. They have since converted both properties to have electicity to various buildings and store the games they bring in from a variety of mennonite and local craftsmen. Ted's passion has been selling and Alanda's passion is packing - so together they make a great team!

About Toss Up!

TossUp was introduced to Ted Fuller in 2023 by Marty Gurica, the inventor of the game. Marty's passion for the game and the excitement the game itself brings moved Ted to create CornholeBoards.ca in order to offer TossUp to the masses. With a specific view of bringing even more excitement to corn hole enthusiasts and players, Ted is now offering TossUp - an indoor and outdoor game for all ages and abilities!

Ted also runs other fun game companies such as:

We are located in St.Marys, Ontario, Canada. TossUp can be purchased from our store at 136779 13th Line, St.Marys, ON.